Saturday, 14 September 2013

Anecdote Saturday - The Hawk

In 2006, The Hawk, a tug boat manned by four crew went missing en route from Richards Bay to Cape Town. Much the same as the Waratah, apart from a life jacket near Port Shepstone and a raft near Shelly Beach, no trace of her nor crew was discovered. It was surmised that she had founded in a north westerly gale.

Being overdue in East London, searches were initiated by the NSRI, including boats and aircraft. These proved fruitless.The seas due to the north westerly gale were reported to be very rough at the time of the tug's disappearance.

Chris Bonnet, owner of the Sunsail Maritime Academy, commented on the loss of The Hawk.

"Her height out of the water was very low and the open deck would have made her susceptible to breaking seas".

He went on to surmise "that the tug boat would have been swamped by heavy seas from the rear and probably sank quickly".

This would appear to be another example of abnormally large waves and troughs off the Wild Coast, probably claiming yet another vessel without much chance for crew to save themselves.

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