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Waratah - passengers and crew.

At some point we need to take a look at the passenger and crew list for the Waratah on that fateful last voyage. More than a 100 years later one is inclined to view the names dispassionately. Our intentions are not callous, it's just that we have difficulty relating to names of people of whom we know nothing. But it behoves us to take a moment to focus on the events of the night 27 July, 1909, and try to imagine the panic and horror running the length and breadth of the Waratah as it became apparent that she could no longer stay afloat.

Some passengers may have gone to bed by 8 pm, and in that some small comfort they would have been taken, unaware. But in all likelihood the Waratah had been battling for hours. Passengers' and crew's nerves must have been at breaking point and instead of rescue, they were forced to confront the icy darkness of a winter's Indian Ocean.

We must also take a moment to appreciate how family, friends and descendants were forced to cope with a tragedy of loss, compounded by the questions of how and where, never to be answered.  These people and their descendants lying in the cold quiet hours of the night must surely have agonised if their loved ones had suffered and where they now rested for all eternity.

Here are the names:

Passenger List:

Mrs Adamson
Mrs Allen and infant
Mrs Rose Allen
Mrs Ashe
Mr Neil Black
Mr T. Blackburn
Mrs Bowden and infant
Master Bowden
Mr Bowden
Miss Bowden
Mrs Bowden
Mr E.A. Bradley
Col. P.J. Browne
Mr P.J. Calder
Miss M. Campbell
Dr J.T. Carrick
Mr A. Clark
Mrs P. Connolly
Miss Connolly
Miss L. Cooke
Mr W. Coote
Mr W. Cumming
Mrs Dawes and child
Mr Donaldson
Mrs Dunn
Miss D. Dunn (7 years old)
Miss B. Dunn (2 years old)
Mr J. Ebsworth
Father Fadle
Mr M.J. Govendo
Mrs Govett
Master Harvey
Mrs Harvey
Mrs J. Harwood
Miss H.G. Hay
Mrs A. Hay
Miss Henderson
Miss M. Hesketh Jones
Mr R.E. Hugo
Mr J. Hunter
Mrs Ibbett
Mrs Lascelles
Miss K. Lees
Mr R. Lowenthal
Mrs A. Lyon and infant
Mr J. McCausland
Miss Miller
Miss B. Murphy
Mr E.A. Murphy
Mr C.B. Nicholson
Mr P. O'Connor
Mr E.B. Page
Mrs Page
Mrs Petrie
Master Petrie
Mrs A.E. Press
Miss D. Schaumann
Miss L. Schaumann
Mrs Sillery
Miss Starke
Mrs Starke
Mr W. Stocken
Mrs Stocken
Stocken child (5 years old)
Stocken child (2 years old)
Mr J.G. Stokoe
Miss Taylor
Mr Charles Taylor
Mrs Taylor
Miss M. Taylor
Master C. GTaylor
Mr J.F.J. Taylor
Miss Taylor
Mr G.H. Tickell
Mr David Turner
Mrs Turner
Turner child (14 years old)
Turner child (12 years old)
Turner child (7 years old)
Turner child (6 years old)
Turner child (3 years old)
Mrs Wilson
Mrs Wilson
Miss L. Wilson
Miss Wilson (8 years old)
Mr Wright
Mrs Wright
Miss Young

Crew List:

P.R. Alexander
W.R. Allen
C. Allen
G.W. Ambrose
H. Barr
C. Baxter
A. Bellringer
W. Belshaw
F. Benson
A. Blake
R. Bocker
P. Bonham
A. Brown
L. Burgess
C. Butcher
W.M. Campbell
J.C. Clark
J. Clarke
N. Clarke
W. Comper
J. Conn
J. Costello
T. Coulson
A. Cumming
H. Dance
A. Dennison
G. Dixon
F. Dorander
W. Edwards
A.R. Francis
C. French
H.C. Fulford
A. Georgeson
H.A. Gibbs
S.E. Gorham
R.A. Hamelton
J. Hamilton
C. Hammond
H.W. Harding
W. Harding
O.E. Haysom
H.F. Hemy
G.W. Hodder
T. Humphreys
F.T. Hunt
A. Hunter
J.E. Ilbery
J. Immelmann
T. Ings
P. Isaacs
J. Jacobson
J.H. Jamieson
J. Jewers
J. Jones
J. Kelly
K. Lindross
J. Lydiard
A. Martin
H. McCrone
M. McIlver
W. McKierian
W. McPhee
G. Meek
P.F. Monaghan
F. Monk
A.P. Moore
J.P. Morgan
P. Murray
J. Nelson
T. Newman
A. Nicholls
C. Owen
P. Oxford
K. Papinean
S. Pearson
A.E. Phillips
F. Poland
W. Rackliff
W. Reinsch
R. Robinson
W.B. Rogers
E. Rumbold
A. Sach
F. Sale
C. Samuelson
A. Sandon
E.J. Schafer
O. Schelier
H. Seiffort
F. Shasal
P. Skailes
H.G. Smith
W. Smith
W. Smith
C.W. Southwell
E. Stace
J. Steel
B. Steiner
E. Sterne
G. Sudbury
E. Swan
H. Tanner
H. Taylor
S. Templeton
W. Thomas
W. Thornton
G. Thruston
F. Trott
C. Turkle
W. Waite
R. Walker
E.J. Walters
W. Walters
F.M. Wellington
W.G. White
S. Whitehorn
A. Woodcock
G. Wyborn

Note boarding Durban, Mr Turner and his entire family lost with the Waratah.

P.S. Thanks to the diligent research by Mrs R. Dixon-Smith of Durban, the full list of names, including those who boarded at Durban was established.


Mole said...

Considering the fact that no wreckage or bodies were found, could it be that, rather than undergoing a gradual process of taking on water through unzipped rivets, the Waratah turned turtle (a la Poseidon Adventure), trapping everyone and everything inside the hull as it went down to lie forever on the deep Continental shelf?


Mole, this seems perfectly plausible except perhaps for the issue of a significant volume of air trapped within the hull, as in Poseidon Adventure, resulting in the wreck floating rather than sinking. It would certainly explain why there were no traces of the Waratah (nor contents) found (except for one deck chair). But you raise the important issue of alternative theories for her disappearance. I will be exploring these in coming posts. Thank you very much for your comment, Andrew