Friday, 15 November 2013

Waratah - 'gloomy forebodings'.


"As each day passes without bringing any
tidings of the missing ' Blue Anchor' liner
Waratah the concern which is being felt
deepens, and anyone who visits the offices
of the agents seems prepared for the worst,
but no news."

"Many of these people
have during the past week been such
familiar callers that the office have
got to know them so well. They are
received with a shake of the head as soon as
they enter the door and before they have
time to put the oft repeated question."

"During the first couple of days following
 the non arrival of the Waratah the anxiety
 betrayed on her behalf was not of an alarming
 nature the general impression being
 that she had been delayed probably by
heavy weather and fogs and would shortly
 arrive at her destination."

"In this belief even people deeply interested in the welfare
 of friends on board were prone to look upon
 the bright side and turned away full of
 expectations that the next morn might bring
 news of the missing vessel."

"As the days wore on however, without these hopes
 being realized gloomy forebodings arose.
There was a look akin to despondency upon the faces
slowly directed their steps towards the
office of the agents in William St.
to the extent that fears were allayed
by the announcement of the agents that
many men of wide experience still clung
to the belief that the missing Waratah was
drifting about the ocean disabled and that
it would yet be well."

"One commentator expressed the opinion that weeks
might elapse before the crippled
liner returned to port supporting the belief
that she broke down a problem so
serious as to prolong the period
necessary to effect repairs."

"Yesterday the Waratah was nine days overdue. She should
have reached Cape Town on the last of
last month. ln the event of her having
suffered a serious break down the vessel might
have been driven by the strong Agulhas current far out of the
channel towards the south east, so far that
by the time repairs would be effected she
would have a long trip back up the coast."

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