Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I have posted profiles of steamships from 1909, including the Waratah.

Yesterday when comparing the profile picture of the Waratah with her sister ship Geelong I was left with the impression by comparison that the Waratah could have been described as 'top heavy'.

Then I thought to myself, hey, wait a minute, there must be other steamships from 1909 to compare with.  I have randomly chosen a few to make this point.

Yes, one could argue that the other steamers 'were lucky' not to have 'turned turtle', but I am inclined to think that exaggeration was the order of the day when it came to the Waratah.

I mean, if nothing happened to the Waratah I doubt whether anyone would have given her spar deck another glance, never mind a second thought.

And oh yes, the Geelong was built prior to the grander and more expensive Waratah, which would explain her more modest upper decks.

Feel free to comment and give your own opinions on this subject 'that won't go away'.

Principessa Mafalda 1909

SS Eastern States - give it a little push from the side......

SS Malahat

if I think top heavy, this comes to mind

SS Arabic

SS Waratah

Actually the Waratah looks quite modest in terms of her upper deck elevations.

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