Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Waratah - further passenger lists.

" The accommodation provides
for 130 saloon and 300 third-class passengers."

"The Waratah took the following passengers:

From Sydney.-

Mrs. J. E. Mullon,
Mr. S. G. Sawyer,
Mr. J. C. Ritchie;
Mrs. B. A. Oslear,
Mrs. Govett, and
Miss Lascelles,
Miss Lees and maid,
Mrs Crawford,
Mrs. and Miss Moore,
Mrs, and Miss Hay,
Mr. Saunders,
Mr. Ebsworth,
Mr. Richardson,
Mr. and Mrs Taylor and 2 children,
Mr. S. Pearce,
Mrs. Allen 'and 2 .children,
Mr. and Mrs Wm. Cousons and infant,
Mr. D. T Boyce,
Mr. J. M. S. Hunter,
Mr. E. A.Murphy,
Mr. Henderson,
Mr. A. Wright,
Miss. A. Wright,
Mr. Wm. Hocking,
Mr Wm. Cumming,
Mr. and Mrs. C. Swain,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Flood,
Mrs. Harwood,
Mr. F. Norris,
Mr. G. Norris,
Mrs. Harvey,
Miss Miller,
Mr. Harvey,
Mr. and Miss Bowden,
Mr. L. Schauman,
Miss D. I Schauman,
Mr. R. Keys,
Mr. C. Murphy,
Mr. Barklemore."

"From Melbourne.-

Mr. J. E. Mullon,
Mr. S. G. Sawyer,
Mr. B. Oslear,
Mrs. 0slear,
Mr. Wilkinson,
Mrs. Starke,
Miss Starke,
Mrs. J. W. Wilson,
Miss L. Wilson,
Mr. F. C. Saunders,
Mr. G. A. Richardson,
Mrs. Wilson,
Miss Wilson,
Mr. J. Ebsworth,
Mrs. Govett,
Miss Lascelles,
Mr. Neil Black,
Miss M. Campbell,
Mr. W. K. Jamieson,
Lieut.-Colonel Browne,
Miss Lees and maid,
Mrs. A. B. Woods and child,
Miss Hay, Mrs Hay,
Mr. Morgan,
Mrs. Cawood,
Mr. E. B. Page,
Mrs. E. B. Page,
Dr. Fulford."

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