Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Fears of turning turtle.

"Herbert Mason, an engineer, who went
out to Australia as a passenger on the
Waratah on her second voyage, said that
just after leaving Melbourne, when it blew
a good bit, the ship heeled over heavily,
and did not recover herself as quickly as
she ought to have done."

"It struck him that if she did not recover herself in a
seaway, and another sea came on top of her
she would turn turtle. On one occasion he
said to the first mate:

"She will, make a big hole in the water some of these days,"

and he replied:

"I'm afraid she will."

"She went over from one side to the other so
easily when they were discharging cargo
that they had to put heavy concentrate in
the bottom to keep her upright."

This statement confirms that lead concentrates were used as ballast. This would have been necessary after a long voyage eg. discharging cargo at Adelaide before setting off for Sydney. When the Waratah departed Durban she had a full cargo complement that did not require additional ballast in the form of lead concentrates.

The lead smelter at Port Pirie

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