Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Waratah Mansion in Chislehurst was built in 1893 and owned by Wilhelm Lund of the Blue Anchor Line. The 1901 census reveals an Alice, aged 48, born in New South Wales, living at Waratah Mansion. Her surname is not given. Could it have been Lund? Wilhelm Lund had connections with New South Wales.

At the time of the loss of the Waratah the residents of Waratah Mansion were people by the name of Hall. 
They vacated the house shortly thereafter, suggesting that they had a connection with the Lunds.
The house remained unoccupied until 1922, when Newton Dunn became resident. It was renamed Walden Mansion. In 1929 Newton Dunn was superseded by Miss Bertha Dunn. In 1940 the mansion was converted into a furniture repository for Harrison Gibson's of Bromley. 4 February, 1944, the house was destroyed by an incendiary bomb. The house remained burnt out until it was demolished in the early 1960's.

Waratah Mansion

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