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New Zealand Herald, Volume XLVII, Issue 14297, 17 February 1910, Page 5
["The Missing Steamer", The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), Saturday 07 August 1909, page 5]


MELBOURNE, August 6, 1909.

'The following is a complete list of the passengers on board the steamer Waratah booked for London when she left Adelaide, her last Australian port of call:--

From Melbourne:-


- Mrs. and Miss Starke,
- Mrs. J. Y. Wilson and Miss L. Wilson,
- Mr. John Ebsworth,
- Mrs. Govett,
- Miss Lascelles,
- Mr. Neil Black,
- Mrs. and Miss Wilson,
- Miss M. Campbell.

From Sydney:-


- Mr. C. G Sawyer.

From Adelaide:-


- Mr. M. Morgan,
- Colonel R. C. Browne,
- Miss Lees,
- Miss Cooke,
- Mrs. A. Hay,
- Miss H. G. Hay,
- Miss Hesketh Jones.

From Melbourne:-

Third class:

- Mr. G. H. Tickell,
- Mr. S. Blackburn,
- Miss T. Ramsay,
- Miss B. Murphy,
- Mrs. Ibbett,
- Mr. J. G. Stokes,
- Mr. R. Lowenthal,
- Mr. and Mrs. Page,
- Mr. Calder,
- Mr. Clark.

From Sydney.-

Third class:

- Mrs. S. Pearce,
- Misses Allen (3),
- Mr. J. M. S. Humpher.
- Mr. E. A. Murphy,
- Miss Henderson,
- Mr. and Mrs. Wright,
- Mr. William Cumming,
- Mrs. J. Harwood,
- Mrs. and Master Harvey,
- Miss Miller,
- Mr. and Mrs. Bowden and two children,
- Mrs. and Miss Bowden,
- Misses Schaumer(2).'

'Among the passengers was Lieutenant-Colonel R. Browne, commanding the Dorset Yeomanry. He intended to transship at Cape Town into a homeward-bound Union-Castle mail-boat. He embarked at Melbourne, accompanying his niece, Miss Lees, on a trip round the world.'

'An old lady on board is Mrs. Wilson, who has been fifteen voyages with Captain Ilbery, of the Waratah. The captain called her his "right hand" in rough weather because of the help she gave when the passengers were invalided by continuous seasickness.'

'The following embarked at Durban for England:

- The Rev. Father Fadle [?Johannesburg}
- Dr. Carrick
- Mr. Turner and family (wife and 5 children)
- Mr. Stocken and family
- Mr. Taylor and daughters
- Mr. Donaldson
- Mr. Govardo
- Mr. Nicholson
- Mr. Coote
- Mrs. Sillery
- Mrs. Ashe
- Mrs. Press
- Mrs. Lyon and infant
- Mrs. Connolly and daughter
- Mrs. Dawes and infant
- Mrs. Bradley
- Mrs. Adamson
- Mrs. Petrie
- Mrs. Dunn and children'


Mole said...

Thanks for posting this list. Additional details, including age and occupation, about passengers on the fateful Durban to London voyage can be found at

Graham Clayton said...

Was there a reason why Mrs Wilson had been on 15 voyages with Captain Ibery?

andrew van rensburg said...

I do not know of a specific reason, Graham, but it speaks volumes in terms of faith in Captain Ilbery as a master.