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Waratah - Alan Tickell; Laura Lascelles


'Mr G H (Alan) Tickell whose name appears in
the list of third class passengers from Melbourne
was the son of Captain Tickell Victorian
State Naval Commandant. Young Tickell who
was an only son was in reality attached to the  
engineering staff of the Waratah and making
the trip for the purpose of gaining practical
experience in marine engineering.'

Rear Admiral Frederick Tickell, young Tickell's father, was born 7 March 1857 at Amoy Harbour, China, the son of Captain George Tickell, mariner and member of the Royal Naval Reserve, and his wife Charlotte, (née Crabbe). He was Mentioned in Dispatches and was subsequently appointed as a Commander in the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St George (CMG) for his services in China. He served as naval commandant in Queensland in 1904-07 before resuming his former position as naval commandant in Victoria. He was acting naval director while Creswell attended the 1909 Imperial Defence Conference in London. Admiral Tickell died of a cerebro-vascular disease 19 September 1919.

Mary Elizabeth (of Kew) wife of the late Admiral F. Tickell, and mother of Alan Tickell, 
died 1939.

'Miss Lascelles of Geelong is a daughter of
Mr Lascelles of the firm of Dennys    
Lascelles and Co and one of the Geelong
Harbour Trust Commissioners.'

Dennys, Lascelles and Co was one of the great Victorian wool-broking houses initially started by Charles John Dennys (mother Eliza nee Lascelles) 1847, Geelong. Labour shortages in 1852 due to the gold rush forced the business to close. 1858, Dennys reopened the business under the name 'Local Wool Mart', competing directly with the wool trade in Melbourne. 1864-1868, Dennys' nephew Martin Lascelles Dennys and his cousin, Edward Harewood Lascelles (Miss Lascelles' father) joined the business. The company became known as Dennys Lascelles and Co,1875.

Edward Harewood Lascelles (1847-1917), pastoralist and businessman, was born on 3 October 1847 in Bothwell, Van Diemen's Land, son of Edwin Lascelles and his wife Eliza, née Nicholas; he was a grandson of T.A. Lascelles. Lascelles became an expert wool-classer and broker, and as the chief wool-valuer and manager he extended the business in both Geelong and Melbourne. Lascelles was the first to introduce into Victoria the system of share-farming whereby the tenant delivered a third of his harvest to the company, but when yields were very low the company did not take its share. Lascelles was for several years a commissioner of the Geelong Harbor Trust and was prominent in local rowing, tennis and golf clubs. He was a Baptist. Before the long-term success of his settlements became apparent, he died at Geelong 12 February 1917. He married Ethel, daughter of C. J. Dennys, in 1887. Of their six children, only three daughters survived him. His daughter, Laura, a passenger on the Waratah's final voyage, did not survive him. 

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acknowledgement: Australian Dictionary of Biography.

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