Thursday, 22 May 2014

Waratah - Court grants letters of administration for Mrs Hay's will.

ADELAIDE, December 20 (1910)

'The Full Court has granted letters of
administration in the estate of the late
Mrs. Agnes Grant Hay; who with her
daughter, went down with the steamer

'Only a codicil of her will has
been found, and it is inferred that the
will itself either disappeared with the
vessel or was destroyed in a fire which
ruined Mrs Hay's mansion, at Victor
Harbour, shortly before she embarked on
the Waratah.'

'Another daughter, swore
to the contents of the will
in an affidavit.'
Agnes Grant Hay

It is shocking to discover that Mrs Hay's will was only 'sorted out' one and a half years after the Waratah disappeared.
She was a widow and what did her surviving children, engulfed in grief, do about finances in the interim?

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