Thursday, 1 May 2014

Waratah - Page; Calder; Clark; Taylor


'Messrs Page Calder and Clark who were
booked from Melbourne in the third class are
well known in connection with woodchopping
contests and were proceeding to England with
the intention of giving exhibitions of wood

'Mr Page in whose hands were the
arrangements for the tour was confident when
the steamer left Melbourne of the success of
the speculation as both Calder and Clarke
were champion axemen.'

Papers Past — Manawatu Standard — 30 August 1909

'Among the passengers of the missing steamer Waratah, are Mr and Mrs Ernest Page. Mr Page will be remembered as Professor Bonner, a hypnotist, who was in Palmerston North in 1906, with Bostock and Wombwell's circus. Professor used to hypnotise a man named Williams, and bury him beneath the ground for several days. He also caused Williams to drive blind folded horses through principal streets over a trail previously covered by a committee, in search of a hidden article.'

'Calder a Tasmanian presented a striking
appearance when standing
with his axe in his hand beside the block
which he was to cut through.'

'He was 6ft 5in in height and broad in proportion with
a fine head and shoulders. He appeared on
two occasions at Fitzgerald s circus building
when he took part in the woodchopping carnivals
organised by Mr E Erskine Scott and
won several prizes.'

'Mr Charles Taylor and his wife and two
little children were returning to Kimberley
South Africa from Australia.'

'Mr Taylor lately worked in De Beers mine at Kimberly
and was an active member of the local
North of England Association.'

Jack Calder

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