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Waratah - 'was not built as an experiment'.

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Wednesday 21 December 1910


LONDON, Monday.

'Mr. .T. W. Lund, the ship owner, giving
evidence to-day, at the official inquiry into
the loss of the steamer Waratah, said the
Waratah was not built as an experiment,
and no alterations were either suggested
or made during the construction of the
vessel or after her maiden voyage.'

This confirms the Waratah was planned, designed and built as per requirements and specifications.

'The builders did not adversely criticise the design.'

The builders would not have criticised the design as a number of passenger vessels at the time had similar specifications.

'Captain Ilbery did not threaten to
leave the ship if the boat deck was not removed.'

The Waratah was intended as an improvement on and evolution of the existing Geelong. Captain Ilbery, the Blue Anchor Line's Commodore, was instrumental in the planning and design process from the start.

'Not one of the officers and crew
either threatened to leave not did leave the ship.'

There was no reason to leave the Waratah, she was a sound design circa 1908.

'On her last trip the Waratah was not
ordered to make an unusually fast voyage.'

But they were consistently ahead of schedule, due to arrive back at London two full days earlier. This does make one wonder....The owners would certainly not admit to this....

to be continued....

                                                                                      experimental screw frigate 1867

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