Monday, 23 June 2014

Waratah - sub bottom sonar profiling.

It is clear from the circumstantial evidence laid out in this blog, the Waratah foundered close to shore off Port St Johns. The Umzimvubu River deposits tons of silt into the bay and in all probability the wreck of the Waratah lies buried beneath layers of sediment.

Wreck exploration is fiercely expensive and the waters off Port St Johns are notoriously 'unstable'. The current is swift and powerful making dives very difficult except under the most ideal of circumstances.  The same applies to sending down ROV's. Visibility is poor due to swirling silt and particulate matter.

But despite the challenges and cost, the wreck of the Waratah might yet be found in this vicinity.
She remains one of maritime's most alluring mysteries and has left generations of descendants of those who perished without closure. Discovering the wreck would bring the mystery to an end but possibly comfort to the families. It is a terrible thing not knowing.

In the modern era, sufficient motivation, financial backing and use of Sub Bottom Sonar Profiling, should establish the resting place of the Waratah off Port St Johns once and for all. Bitter disappointment resulted from previous attempts to locate the wreck. It will take courage and substantial backing to explore the waters off the Wild Coast once again.