Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Waratah - Colonel Percival John Browne.

A brass inscription in a north aisle of the St. Mary and the Holy Trinity at Buckland Filleigh, Devonshire pays respect to Colonel Percival John Browne, C.B. of Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset, with the words 'lost in the S.S. Waratah'. A similar tribute to Colonel Browne appears in the nave of the Abbey Church of St. Mary the virgin at Sherborne, Dorset. The memorial was erected by fellow officers and troopers of the Dorset Queen's Own Yeomanry which Colonel Browne commanded 1902 - 1908.

Colonel Browne was born in South Australia 1863. Accompanied by his niece Gracia Katherine Lees, the couple departed the Browne family's sheep farm at Mount Gambier and boarded the Waratah bound for London, from where Colonel Browne intended to return to his father's estate at Buckland House, Buckland Filleigh, Devon.

The following link on Moles Genealogy Blog kindly shares images of plaque and chapel:


                                                  Buckland House


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