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The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 December, 1909.

'Safe at Durban.
Those who landed.'

'It has been definitely ascertained that thefollowing passengers from Australia landed atDurban, on the arrival of tho Waratah at thatport -
From Sydney: 
Mr. J E Mullon, Mr D R Boyce, Mr William Hocking, Mr Charles Swain, Mrs Swain, Mr H Foord, Mrs Foord,Mr W Cousens (of Wellington, N Z ), Mrs W Cousens and infant (NZ), Mrs Norris (of Napier, N Z ), Mr G Norris (Napier, NZ), Detective Mynott (of the South Africanpolice, in charge of a prisoner), Constable De Beer (South African police, escorting a prisoner), and Mr M'Loughlin (a prisoner from Brisbane), 
all of whom were booked to Durban. Mr Samuel Pearce, who booked to London with the option of breaking his journey at Durban, and Mr S G Sawyer, who booked to Capetown, but had business to transact in Durban.
From Melbourne: 
Mr F C Saunders, Mr G A Richardson, Mr Harold Grigg (of Long Gully or California Gully, Bendigo district, Vic), Mr William Milburn (of Long Gully Vic), and Mr James M'Naught (of Dunedin NZ
all of whom booked to Durban and Miss J C Ramsay who booked to Capetown.
From Adelaide: 
Mrs H Cawood, Mr A Brookes, Mr E J Waters and Mrs Waters and infant, 
all of whom booked to Durban,and Mr M Morgan, who booked for Capetown.

Total landed at Durban - 29.
From this archive newspaper cutting it is clear there were four people booked for Cape Town, who disembarked at Durban -
- Mr S G (Claude) Sawyer who allegedly had business to transact in Durban. This flies in the face of the story that Mr Sawyer disembarked at Durban because he had misgivings about the safety of the Waratah.
-  Mr Samuel Pearce, who wisely used his option to break his journey at Durban.
- Ms J C Ramsay and Mr M Morgan, who disembarked the Waratah at Durban, despite being booked through to Cape Town.' 
Why???? Were they influenced by Sawyer's forebodings???

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