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Daily Herald (Adelaide) Wednesday 16 March, 1910

Mr. Sawyer had, however, a rude awakening ina most curious and, for him, a luckydream was intensified by appearing to him three different times dream was intensified by an apparition appearing to him three different times during the night that he saw it, and Mr. Sawyer actually sat up in bed and sawit each time. All this happened on theWednesday before Durban was reached.During that Wednesday night there appeared to Mr. Sawyer a man standing atthe head of his cabin, with a longstraight sword in his left hand, with hisleft foot forward, holding up a ragsaturated with blood with his right hand.The sword was between Mr. Sawyer andthe rag, as if to keep him off. Therewere large drops of blood dropping fromthe rag to the floor. Next morning atbreakfast Mr. Sawyer related his experience to his next door neighbor, a ladypassenger, also to an ex-naval officer. Onarriving at Durban (Sunday, July 25) MrSawyer went to Donald Curra's offices onthe Monday morning to book a passageby the next boat. He related his dreamto Mr. Hadfield. On the followingWednesday (July 28) another extraordinary dream, out it only appeared once tohim. Mr. Sawyer relates how he sawthe Waratah in a big sea.  She partiallytook it, then pitched over t0 her starboard bow and disappeared.  Subsequently calling at the agent's office to select his berth Mr. Hadfield remarked to Mr. Sawyer that he was most fortunate.

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