Friday, 8 May 2015


Portland Guardian (Victoria) Wednesday 15 September, 1909
Durban and the Waratah.
A large number of people took passage at Durban, Natal, by the steamer Waratahfor Cape Town and Great Britain. Nowthat the vessel is missing the lamentationin that South African city is great, and,unlike the people of Australia, the residents there appear to have no hope thatshe will ever be found. Mr. A. Akhurstreceived a letter the other day from Durbanfrom Dr. Lewis, surgeon on the Aberdeenliner Miltiades; in the course of which hesays - "We are at present keeping a vigilant watchfor some traces of the Waratah,but so far have found nothing. Thecalamity seems here worse than it appearsto you in Australia, as distance tonesdown the sharpness of the calamity somewhat.There are two cases of the desolation it has caused.A family going from Australia split at Durban, a daughterand the mother going to Cape Town byrailway to join the boat again there, thefather and two others going by theWaratah. In the second case a Natal mansent his wife and seven children by theboat from Durban to Cape Town. Thesetwo cases are only a sample of what ishere in Durban, and not the worst either.The whole of Durban is in a state ofmourning. You cannot get anyone thereaway from the subject."

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