Monday, 18 May 2015

Waratah - John Ebsworth

Reporter (Box Hill) Friday 20 August, 1909
A Waratah Passenger.
Mr. John Ebsworth, the well-knownsolicitor of Box Hill, is, as everyone        knows, a passenger on board the      "Waratah," whose present position is    so uncertain. It may not be generally known that Mr. Ebsworth is himself an experienced sailor. A few years ago he published a little book dealing with the law of master and seaman and claims for salvage. 
In chapter V., in which he gives a few hints respecting claims for salvage, the following passage occurs: - "When the subject of salvage is a mere derelict, i.e. abandoned at sea and floating abouthelpless at the mercy of wind and wave, and a danger to navigation, the salvers can board her and bring her to port." In the light of the presentcircumstances, such a sentence appears        remarkable, and Mr. Ebsworth's many friends will all join in the hope that some salvors will be able to board the "Waratah" and bring her safely to port.  

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