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Waratah - messages from the other side.

The Mercury, Friday 31 December, 1909
In South Africa it would seem thereappears to be just as much anxiety felt for the fate of the Waratah as in Australia, and, although generally hope of her salvation has been abandoned, in several places rumours of her safety have been circulated, and, plans for a further search have been made. 
Among other items of interest are messages received from the spirit world. Several eminent divines have strongly denounced this from the pulpit, but, in spite of such denunciation, and the activity of the police, "messages" continue to be received one way or other. . 
A medium well known throughoutSouthern Africa, Mrs. Pryor, hasalready received several "communications" from the other world on the subject, and last November was repeatedly consulted by many interested parties in the fate of those on board the ill-fated ship.
On -November 9 a spiritualistic meeting was held in the Masonic-hall, Pretoria (Transvaal), at which Mrs. Pryor presided, and she was asked if any information was to be had regarding the Waratah.
Mrs. Pryor, in reply (says the "Transvaal Weekly"), said that so far as she was able to see from clairvoyance, the Waratah was still afloat, but that there had been several deaths on board. Shealso said she had a letter in her possession, written by one of the passengers on board the Waratah, and from psychometry she was not able to trace that the writer had departed from life, but that together with the surviving passenger had disembarked, and they were now livingupon a desert island which lay in quite an opposite direction to that in which the Sabine had gone in search of the Waratah. 
The people were in great want, andit was feared that, unless the Sabine's course was diverted, it would be too late to render assistance. People on the"other side" were at work to bring the ill-fated ones into port.The lady in question has attainedconsiderable notoriety inconnection with the receipt of messages from another sphere, and a large section of the community, it seems, set some store by her remarks.
How cruel!!

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