Friday, 15 May 2015


The Advertiser (Adelaide) Thursday 12 August, 1909
"Engineer Twin Screw" writes:- "I notice that since the Waratah has been overdue at Capetown it has invariably beenstated that the cause is a breakdown inthe engine room machinery. Having had 13years in two of the largest twin screw companies, I can speak from experience. Not one twin-screw steamer in a thousand would break down with both engines at the same time. Even if she had one engine to go on with I am sure the speed would not be less than seven knots an hour. 
Suppose that both the main engines are in goodworking order, that the steam steering gearand the auxiliary hand-steering gear arebroken down, and that the rudder has beenwashed away, the engineers would have nodifficulty in working the engines to steerthe vessel. I had four days at this duringthe Russo-Japanese war, and we arrived atour destination as if nothing had happened.
I know of dozens of cases where singlescrew steamers have been drifting about forweeks and months, but I have never heardor seen of a twin-screw steamer being inthe same predicament. I am almost surethat had there been any serious breakdown, the engineers would have had thingsfixed up by this time and been safe in portagain."

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