Wednesday, 17 June 2015


 GRAHAMSTOWN - (Ecna November 14 1996 4.25pm) - Nautical experts
today described the shallow waters off Transkei - where the
ill-fated cargo carrier Cordigliera sank last night with 30 crew -
as the "Bermuda Triangle of South Africa".
The 17-year-old Panamanian-registered vessel went down in "freak
seas" on the continental shelf near Port St Johns soon after sending
out a Mayday signal at 10.35pm.!topic/za.politics/vOLK-WthY1g

None of the crew was rescued nor bodies recovered. The title 'Bermuda Triangle of South Africa' says it all. Ships disappear without a trace. The Waratah was not alone.....

The Wild Coast aka 'The Bermuda Triangle of South Africa'.

Note number of wrecks off Port St Johns. ARE ANY OF THESE VISIBLE TODAY, APART FROM MELISKERK ??

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