Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Waratah - more wreckage.

the West Australian (Perth) Friday 25 March 1910
The Commissioner of Police (CaptainHare) has received from Sub-inspector Mitchell, of Bunbury, a report relative to thefinding of a steamer's notice board on thebeach between Flinder's Bay jetty and CapeLeenwin. 
It appears that while at Flinder's Bay, onMarch 11 the Water-police Constable Delfslearned that a notice board had been picked up by John Paddon on the beach abouthalf-way between Flinder's Bay jetty andCape Leeuwin lighthouse. "The board,"says W.p.c. Delfs in his report, "is markedthus: 'Notice. This vessel has twin screws'.It is 4ft. by 3ft., is made of lightpine painted black, with white letters. Thebottom plank is missing. I took the measurement of depth by two small pieces which were nailed down each side. The board does not appear to have been in the water very long. People here are of theopinion that it is possible the wreckage isfrom the missing steamer Waratah. Ofcourse it is also possible that it has beenwashed away from some steamer whilst offCape Leeuwin in bad weather. I believethe Waratah was a twin-screw boat. Thenotice was found on the 6th inst."Commenting on W.p.c. Delfs's report, Subinspector Mitchell ,wrote: "The pieces ofboard referred to in this report are now inmy possession. It appears that it is necessary for all twin-screw steamers when inport to have a notice board exhibited announcing the fact. I do not think it would be possible for anyone to identify theseas belonging to any particular steamer.
An extremely long shot.

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