Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Waratah - Mr. Govendo's widow, penniless.

According to Durban files which arrivedin Sydney this week a case arising out ofthe missing steamer Waratah was heardin the Circuit Court last month. A mannamed Govendo, who was in business atDurban, left by the Waratah, taking withhim the first of exchange of two draftson the Natal Bank, each for £185. Thesecond of exchange was posted to his wife,who is now penniless in Russia owing toinability to obtain Govendo's endorsement.The drafts were referred to one Gordon,who held Govendo's power of attorney,but the bank refused to recognise thepower of attorney, assuming that Govemdohad perished. The application was forthe appointment of Gordon as curator bonus. This was granted subject to his filing security.

This illustrates the predicament, over and above emotional scarring, incurred by the loss of the Waratah. What did people like Mrs. Govendo do until the court processes were finalised?

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