Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Waratah - Mrs. Hay sets the record straight.

Chronicle (Adelaide) Saturday 25 September 1909
Mrs Alexander Hay writes...
'The apparent top-heaviness of the Waratah appears tohave no effect on the easy passage of thesteamer through the water as it is counteracted by her breadth of beam (roughly the length of a bowling alley). Havingtravelled three times in the Geelong, onenaturally compares the two steamers, andthe conclusion arrived at is that the loftybuild of the Waratah does not cause any excess of motion, but that this is, if anything,less in her than the Geelong.
Mrs Hay was lost with the Waratah. Her account was published before the final voyage of the Waratah. Hers is one of few comments made before the fact, and uninfluenced by what was to come.

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