Monday, 13 July 2015


The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 8 February, 1911
Depositions were read today, from whichthe following are extracts - Harris, chief engineer steamer Harlow, July 27 1909, whenoff the African coast saw two white lightsand one red light, apparently those of asteamer. He afterwards noticed a large volume of smoke and glare, after which thelights disappeared. There were bush fireson the land. He expressed the opinion atthe time; if that is a steamer she is onfire. The smoke might be attributable tobush fires or lights at the signal station.

Lund initially suggested that the chief officer and Bruce had mistaken bush fires for these specific steamer lights. Alfred agreed with the chief officer, but Bruce stuck to his story of a steamer astern. One wonders what went on behind the scenes to create such outrageous contradictions. It is interesting to note that Harris used the word 'might' covering himself. He did not claim bush fires categorically. A further confirmation was made that the steamer was on fire.

lighthouse light = one white

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