Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Waratah - Marion Island revisited.

Northern Star (Lismore) Monday 28 February, 1910
The remarks of Captain Du Katy aboutthe probability of the strange steamersighted from Marion lsland being a Kerguelen whaler seem to be substantiated by those of Captain Mollo, of the Norwegian barque Senior, which arrived in Melbourne on Thursday from Sundawall.
Captain Mollo stated that, on January 23when just off the north end of Marion Island, he passed a steamer with one funnelgoing towards the Cape. She was a smallvessel of 600 tons register, and was barquerigged, having a sail set to assist her onher course. She was apparently a whaler.No communication was made between thetwo vessels, but the fact of such a steamerbeing in those southerly latitudes within amonth or so of the vessel sighted by thesealers, and were supposed by some to bethe Waratah, shows that such steamers arenot uncommon in the neighbourhood.
Yes, and false sightings of a 'drifting' steamer not uncommon either.

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