Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Waratah - Parliament - safety of ships.

The Register (Adelaide) Thursday 28 October, 1909

Mr. Guthrie (S.A.) asked if, in view ofthe anxiety felt in Australia on account ofthe Waratah and her stability, the Government would cause an enquiry to be heldinto the stability of ships taking peopleto other parts of the world.
As tragic as the loss of the Waratah was, it is heartening that proactive steps were taken to make wireless installation on steamers of a certain size compulsory and measures taken to minimise instability - including cargo overloading!
“I know most of the time it's hard to keep in mind - from lessons learned comes better life.” 
― Conditions

If there was one seminal legacy from the Waratah tragedy, it must be the lessons learned and improvements made in the interests of both progress and the safety of those at the mercy of perils of the seas. 

final moments of the Czarina, Jan 12, 1910

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