Friday, 24 July 2015

Waratah - 'very close to the shore'.

Clarence and Richmond Examiner (Grafton) Tuesday 14 December 1909
The Fate of the Waratah.
Mr. Lund, of Messrs. W. Lund and Sons, the owners of the missing liner, stated that when sighted by Captain Weir, the Waratah was proceeding very close to the shore at about 12 knots, the Clan M'Intyre making about 10.
The Waratah was seen to be steering alittle more southerly than the othervessel, or taking a course further outfrom shore.
It is intriguing that the Lunds acknowledged that the Waratah, when first sighted by the Clan MacIntyre, was 'very close to the shore'.
No explanations were ventured as to why the Waratah was outside the favour of the Agulhas Current. 
This has always struck me as the most significant aspect of the Clan MacIntyre witness account.
 The Burrawong too close to shore - Manning Heads, 27 March, 1909.

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