Sunday, 23 August 2015

Waratah - lucky escape.

The Advertiser (Adelaide) Friday 12 April, 1912
The loss of the Koombana brings to lightmany instances where trifling incidents anda chance change of plans have proved matters of life or death. There is a ship steward now living at Fremantle who was given employment on the ill-fated Waratah just before that vessel sailed from Melbourne on her last voyage. At the last moment something occurred to prevent him joining the ship. 
Rather more than twelve months ago he was in search of work in Queensland, and obtained a place on the Yongala. Owing to domestic event he did not make the fateful voyage. 
A few months ago he reached Fremantle, and was negotiating for employment on the Koombana, when a more lucrative position was offered to him in a Fremantle hotel, and fortunately for himself he accepted it.

I would be curious to learn who this gentleman was?

SS Yongala.

SS Koombana, visually and technically top-heavy

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