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Waratah - Mrs. Lydia Laura Govett.

Bendigo Advertiser (Vic) Monday 1 August, 1910

Melbourne, 30th July.
Yesterday the first will of one of thepassengers of the ill-fated steamer Waratahwas lodged for probate, and to-day application was made for administration in the estate of a second passenger by the same vessel. The passenger in question was Mrs. Lydia Laura Govett, formerly of St. Albans, Geelong, whose estate is valued at £14,124. Her next of kin are her three children, and the applicants are the Union Trustees Company and Mr. Clyde Govett, eldest son of deceased. 
Affidavits are attached to the application, showing that Mrs. Govett booked by the steamer Waratah to London, and by Mrs. Isabella Kinross Bostock, of Geelong, that she was personally acquainted with Mrs. Govett, and saw her off by the Waratah from Port Melbourne. Other affidavits showed that the Waratah left Durban on 25th July, 1909, Mrs. Govett being then on board. She was not afterwards heard of. The registrar will consider the application.  

Remember that this was one year later!

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