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Waratah - description of accommodation

Barrier Miner, Saturday 14 August, 1909.

There are no saloon cabins placedlower than the bridge deck on theWaratah, so that at all times and inall weathers passengers are able toleave their ports open. On this deckare 24 cabins, each containing twoberths, and in addition there are twoexceptionally large cabins, fitted withfour berths and sofas, suitable for theaccommodation of families.
The dining room is a fine compartment with a capacity to accommodate100 seats with comfort. The tablesare arranged on the "restaurant"plan, so ensuring the maximum of privacy. This idea has now been adoptedon all modern passenger lines as againstthe old system of long tables extendingfrom end to end of the saloon. Thepantry and serving room, though situated in close proximity to the diningroom, in order to give the greatestamount of convenience, and comfort,are so cut off that it is impossible forthe smell of food to penetrate throughthe cabins. The dining hall with itsappurtenances are situated at the foreend of the bridge.
An especial feature of the accommodation is the nursery attached to the family cabins. This adjunct is large and roomy and it has been found to be particularly valuable to passengers with children.
On the promenade deck is the drawing-room, a handsome, commodious compartment containing a piano, writing tables, and lounges, lighted by large square windows, as well as a dome from the boat-deck above, which runs through the dining-hall below.
Opening on the lobby are six singleberth cabins, each fitted with a squarewindow, besides two largo doubleberth cabins, one with a porthole aswell as a square window. Further aftare 12 additional two-berth cabins.
Bathrooms, lavatories, etc., are placedin the centre of the vessel, close tothese cabins. At the after end of theboat-deck is a spacious smoking-roompannelled in oak, with a sky-light.Open-air lounges fitted for the firsttime on a steamer in this trade, arean attractive feature of the Waratah.
The third-class passengers are accommodatedon the upper and main, decks,in cabins containing two, four, six, andeight berths. The dining saloon isfitted with revolving chairs, and extends the full width of the ship. 
Extensive promenades are provided onthe decks, where a fine smoking roomand ladies' lounge are also placed.Throughout the Waratah is installedwith electric light, while, the saloonsand cabins are equipped with electricbells.

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