Monday, 21 September 2015

Waratah - superseded in size.

The Advertiser (Adelaide) Friday 16 June, 1911

Many large steamers have been in theinner harbor at Port Adelaide, and uptill Thursday the record for size was heldby the ill-fated steamer Waratah. Thisvessel was 6.604 tons net, 465 ft. in length,and 59 ft. 2 in. in breadth. This recordstood until the arrival at Ocean Steamers'Wharf on Thursdav of the new Blue Funnel liner Aeneas, from Glasgow. This vessel is 510 ft. long, and 60 ft. broad. Thenet tonnage of the Aeneas is less thanthat of the Waratah, but she has a greatergross tonnage, being 10,000 tons, comparedwith 9,360. The largest steamer that evervisited the Commonwealth, was the N.D.L.Company's Grosser Kurf├╝rst, of 8,139 tonsnet. - She is 560 ft. S in. long, and 62 ft.3 in. wide. The next largest are the WhiteStar'steamers Suevic and Runic, both ofwhich are 550 ft. in length, with a beamof 63 ft. 3 in. These three do not enterthe river. The Aeneas, which is muchlarger than many of the mail steamers thatlie at the Outer Harbor, is a splendidsteamer. Her sister ships are the Ascanius and Anchises, and the three were recently constructed for Alfred Holt & Co.for the cargo and passenger service between Great Britain and Australia. Theycarry first-class passengers only.


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