Saturday, 19 September 2015


The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 16 December, 1908.
The new Blue Anchor liner Waratah, on her maidentrip from London to Sydney, arrived at Adelaide yesterday morning, two days ahead of her scheduled time.
Despite issues relating to loading and stability; a coal bunker fire lasting four days; the Waratah arrived two days ahead of schedule.
If a fire had broken out in coal bunker/s after leaving Durban, 26 July, 1909, there was no reason (initially) for the steamer to be delayed as regards overall speed. It is quite possible that while the Waratah overhauled the Clan MacIntyre, a bunker fire was already in progress.
When all is said and done about the Waratah's stability and weight, it certainly did not hamper the steamer's progress and there is a suggestion that Captain Ilbery pressed the Waratah to make this time. Such was the pressure of making a good impression on the shipping industry.

A busy, hot place.

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