Sunday, 27 September 2015

Waratah - Wakefield claim dispute.

Examiner (Launceston) Saturday 17 September, 1910
The Lord Mayor to-day presided at ameeting of the Waratah second searchcommittee. He said that the committee had paid £2500 to the owners of thes.s. Wakefield in London and £3000 tothe owners' local representatives. Therewas £2070 in the bank to the credit ofthe fund, which was about £833 lessthan the amount claimed by the owners to be still due to them. 
The committee, however, disputed some of theitems on the owners' statement of claim.It was decided that the committeeshould offer the owners £2076 as fullsettlement of their claim. Failing theacceptance of that offer, a sub-committee was formed for the purpose of goingthoroughly into the claims made, withthe assistance of the Crown Solicitor.

Despite the fact that the Wakefield's task was to find the missing Waratah, a legion of hope resting on her captain's shoulders, it was still a business enterprise and the owners of the Wakefield demanded 'full payment'. The reality, however, was by this time any hope of finding the Waratah adrift, with survivors, was extremely remote.


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