Wednesday, 14 October 2015


The Advertiser (Adelaide) Tuesday 9 March, 1909.
Messrs. Geo. Wills and Co. are in receiptof a cable from Messrs. W. Lund & Sons,advising the safe arrival in London of theirnew twin screw Blue Anchor liner Waratahon March 3, after a passage of 43 days only, which included calls at Albany, Durban, Cape Town, and Las Palmas.
The fact of the Waratah arriving in Londonthree days before her programmed dateshows that she is possessed of exceptionalspeed, and she should be a very welcomeaddition to the passenger fleet trading be-tween Australia and England.

The new Waratah certainly made an impression during her maiden voyage. I have perused many newspaper articles between December 1908 and June 1909. The Waratah only received glowing reports. No mention, whatsoever, was made of top heaviness or instability. No passengers complained of the voyage and nor did they express concerns about the safety of the new flagship. In fact, I cannot find a single negative comment. It just shows that once the Waratah disappeared, all the negativity materialised from the woodwork. 
This does make one wonder.......
Note that Waratah collected mails from Albany, southwest tip of Australia.

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