Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Waratah - Girling's account re stability.

Pilot Girling stated that when pilotingthe Waratah outwards to Melbourne inDecember, 1908 with a draught of 26 ft aftand 21 ft 6 in forward, she was very tenderindeed when rounding Schnapper Point.
Well, she would have been wouldn't she, with a reduced draught of 26 ft. aft and 21 ft. 6 in. forward? What this had to do with the Waratah in a more stable, heavily loaded condition of more than 28 ft, when she departed Durban, is anyone's guess and the essence of confusion surrounding the question of stability.
Oh, and yes, there was a strong southwest wind blowing and the Waratah had discharged her cargo by this time. Duh!

Snapper Point (1913)

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stanley robinson said...

Slight correction needed here, the newspaper reports that the Waratah was tender when rounding Schnapper Point, I think the journalist meant Snapper Point, perhaps he had a bottle of Schnapps on his desk when writing his article. The photo you posted is of Snapper point on the coast of New South Wales. The Snapper point the ship rounded with pilot Girling in charge is a hairpin bend in the Adelaide river a difference of a few hundred miles from N.S.W.