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The Advertiser (Adelaide) Wednesday 16 December, 1908
A vessel, which during the past fewmonths has been the subject of much discussion in shipping circles is the steamerWaratah. the latest addition to the fleet ofthe well-known Lund's Blue Anchor line.
She was reported as having passed CapeBenin signal station at 6.30 p.m. on Monday , and her arrival at Port Adelaide onTuesday morning was awaited with a gooddeal of interest; and, while she lay at herberth at Ocean Steamers' Wharf, she attracted considerable attention. The Waratah was not due at Port Adelaide until Wednesday, and her early arrival occasioned surprise. When she reached the wharf shortly before 8 o'clock on Tuesday morning her decks were crowded to the utmost by passengers. There were 780 people on board; mostly immigrants, of whom 57 were booked to disembark at the chief seaport. Hitherto Australian nomenclature hasbeen freely adapted for vessels of the BlueAnchor line, the Waratah securing hername after the national wildflower of New South Wales which grows in abundance,and has a crimson bloom of great brilliancy. 
The new liner is a twin screw steel vessel of 9,300 tons gross, and approximately 2,000 tons larger and 14 feet longer than the company's steamer Geelong, which is well known in the Australian service. The dimensions are: — 
Waratah, 465 ft. in length, 59.2 ft. in breadth,and 35.1 ft. in depth. Geelong, length450 ft.; breadth.54.5 ft.; depth, 26.9 ft. 
The Waratah complies with the highest requirements of the Board of Trade for passengers, and is classed 100 Al at Lloyd's. She is divided into seven watertight compartments, and has a cellular bottom extending her whole length, and in order to secure a maximum of steadiness in heavy seasshe is fitted with bilge keels. 
The figure quoted for the Geelong's depth, is her draught - her depth was actually 38.5 ft.. The figure of 35.1 ft. is depth of hold to the inner of the double hulls - gap between the two hulls 3.4 ft.

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