Saturday, 24 October 2015

Waratah - wind blowing shoreward and gold.

The Advertiser (Adelaide) Thursday 12 August, 1909.
LONDON. August IO.
The report from East London of a Lundliner having been sighted some distanceout to sea making for Durban lacks confirmation.
It is noted that the wind has been blowing shoreward since the Waratah was reported missing, which discredits the theorythat the vessel could have been carriedvery far eastward.
The cruiser Pandora, which lately returned to Durban after searching for theWaratah, covered an area of 250 squaremiles. The captain believes that if theliner is still afloat she must be seen by theForte, which is still out.
The Lund line have ordered the Geelong,another steamer of their fleet, which is justarriving at Cape Town from London, tojoin in the search for the Waratah.

Pandora, Forte, Hermes, Fuller, Sabine (extensive), Wakefield etc... Does make one wonder if rescue was all that motivated such vast expense and effort? Perhaps the recovery of Commonweath bullion played a bigger role than is commonly thought? Just saying....

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