Thursday, 17 December 2015

The 'jerk'.

Mr Claude G. Sawyer who joined thevessel in Sydney and disembarked at Durban said that the vessel rolled heavilyafter leaving Adelaide and some of thepassengers were injured by falling ondeck. The Waratah he said had a jerky rollwith a slow recovery. While recovering the Waratah had often a peculiar jerk. By this jerk several passengers were thrown on the deck and injured.
By this time the Waratah had a GM of 1.9 ft.. It is therefore no surprise that there was a 'jerky' recovery. Captain Ilbery had rectified the tenderness, but with it came features of too much righting force. The slow recovery was no doubt a result of a vastly loaded and heavy steamer. A GM of 1.9 ft. was very stable, but not ideal for first class passengers, illustrating the balancing act required to create a stable but yet comfortable steamer.

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