Sunday, 27 December 2015


The Advertiser (Adelaide) Tuesday 10 August, 1909
I do not think she has turned turtle altogether, butthat she has gone down on her broadside.Large vessels of the present day carry sucha lot of top hamper that it is necessarythey should be 'stiffened' with heavy cargoto make them safe. With sailing vessels the authorities are very particular what may be carried on deck, but with steamers apparently anything is permitted.
This period comment captures the Waratah dilemma in a nutshell. She needed to be heavily loaded in order to compensate for her additional deck. 1300 tons of lead concentrates went a long way to contribute to the Waratah's stability. It is alarming to read that in the case of steamers anything was permitted on deck. Having followed the Waratah journey for more than 550 posts I am more and more convinced that regulations and the implementation thereof were a gray zone back in 1909.

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