Friday, 8 January 2016


The Advertiser (Adelaide) Tuesday 10 August, 1909.
Four or five other mariners expressed virtually the same opinion. One of them saidthe Waratah was, to his personal knowledge, a very "tender" ship in, certain trim.She rolled on the least-provocation. Don'toverlook the fact that when she sailed fromhere she had 1,000 tons of ore in her bottom, he said.- "This should have 'stiffened' her for the voyage to Durban, but after she had discharged her cargo for Durban I think the coal taken on board wouldhave a lot to do with making her tender.I fear she has foundered, but there are somany possibilities that I should not careto state definitely what has "happened."

There is no doubt that the 1300 tons of lead concentrates made all the difference! Coal on the spar deck was necessary.

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