Sunday, 10 January 2016


Chronicle (Adelaide) Saturday 21 August, 1909.
The 'Times,' in the marine insurancemarket notes, states that 93 guineas waspaid on Saturday for the reinsurance ofthe Waratah. The deal was really acovering operation, and the fact that anyrate was quoted at all is clue to the possibility that what the captain of the Insizwa believes he saw near the mouth of the Bashee River is explainable by the wreck of a small craft.It is probably as well to state, adds the'Times,' that experienced underwriters ,best qualified to express an opinion have become thoroughly pessimistic regarding the Waratah.
A month after the Waratah failed to arrive at Cape Town the mood was captured in this article. Despite numerous searches that were to continue well into the following year, pragmatists believed the Waratah was gone. Whether the bodies sighted by the Insizwa and Tottenham came from the Waratah was never proved - both captains had reasons for not attempting to retrieve the bodies. I doubt whether loved ones of those on the Waratah wanted these sightings to be confirmed - closure or not.

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