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The Advertiser (Adelaide) Wednesday 18 May, 1910.

On arrival of the Waratah from London,
via South Africa, on June 8, 1909, the steamer 
had on board 209 passengers, including
the following 

for Adelaide:-

From London:
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jardine,
Mr. Andrew Rodger, 
Mr. and Mrs L. Browne, 
Mr E Macleod, 
Mr. Albert E. Wright, 
Mrs. Holt and infant, 
Mr. H. T. Browne and 
Mr. R C H. Dawes. 

From Cape Town:

Mr. C A Oldham. 

The following members of the crew left
the vessel when she arrived from Melbourne 
on her homeward trip:
Mary Anderson (stewardess) and 
W. Merry (general servant). 

The following were shipped:

F. H. Eenson,
H. Taylor, and W. McKiervan (trimmers), 
H. Barr (carpenter's mate), 
E. Sterne (general servant), and
James Costello (A.B.).

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