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The Passenger Cargo Vessel, FALABA was launched Wednesday, 22/08/1906  at Alexander Stephen & Sons Glasgow and completed 1906.

Her dimensions were a length of 380.5 feet,  and a tonnage of 4086 grt.

Vessel Particulars:
Yard no: 414
Shipbuilder: Alexander Stephen & Sons Glasgow
Length: 380.5 feet
Breadth: 47.4 feet
Depth: 22.9 feet

Propulsion details:
Engines by: 
Propulsion: Steam, triple expansion, 424 nhp, 14 knots

Additional information: (Ownership, history)

Elder Dempster Shipping Ltd., Liverpool | 1910 Elder Line, Liverpool

Additional Remarks:
After leaving Liverpool the previous day, under the command of Capt Davis, the FALABA sighted a submarine with a white ensign. As she came closer this was replaced with the German naval ensign and her commander Baron von Forstner signalled "Stop and abandon ship" FALABA paid no heed and her engines were ordered full ahead. A second signal was sent "Stop or I will fire into you". Capt Davis realised that the 16 knots that U 28 could do meant they would never out pace her so he ordered the vessel to stop and have boats lowered. No sooner had he done this than the U Boat fired into the liner, sinking her in ten minutes. 104 people died including Captain Davis, who died shortly after he was picked out of the water by the steam drifter EILEEN EMMA who rescued 40 people. Another drifter the WENLOCK picked up another eight, but two of those perished.

Note Falba's shallow depth of 22.9 ft.. There must have been stones or cement in her bottom to keep upright.

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