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Emlyn Brown has made the single, significant contribution to the search for the Waratah. There are probably no words to describe the disappointment of not finding the Waratah, but the exclusion factor cannot be underestimated, narrowing down where the wreck is likely to be found. Based on Emlyn's achievement, some theories have been comprehensively dismissed. The discovery of the Nailsea Meadow was an achievement in itself.

The SS Nailsea Meadow was a British cargo transporter, built in 1937, 4962 gross tons, 420 ft. in length, beam 56 ft., and a draught of 25 ft.. She was powered by a compound engine with LP turbine. 11/05/1943 she was torpedoed by a German submarine (U-196) and foundered off Mpame, Eastern Cape. She was en route from Hampton Roads, New York to Karachi, via the South African coast. She carried 7104 tons of cargo, mail and munitions (tanks being the all important disappointment on discovery). 2 crew were lost out of 44. It is interesting that her gross tonnage was 4962 and her cargo, 7104 tons, suggesting that cargo was loaded about 40 cubic ft. per ton rather than the acceptable 100 cubic ft. per ton. She must have gone down very quickly, indeed!

The SS Khedive was a German cargo transporter built in 1906 by Brener Vulcan and owned by Deutche Ost-Afrika Linie. She comprised 5106 gross tons, length 409 ft., beam 52 ft.. She was powered by a single quadruple expansion engine (one screw) making 12 knots. She ran aground 16/08/1910, at Cape Morgan.

The Register (Adelaide) Thursday 18 August, 1910

Liner Khedive Wrecked.
LONDON. August 17.
The steel screw steamer Khedive (5,930
tons), owned by the German East African
line, has gone on the rocks at Cape Morgan 
and become a total wreck. An officer
was drowned.
The vessel was valued at £70,000 and
the cargo at £50,000. The Khedive was
built at Bremen in 1906, and her port of
registry was Hamburg. Her dimensions
were - Length, 409 ft. 9 in.; breadth, 52 ft.
7 in.; and depth, 28 ft.

Cape Morgan is between Morgan's Bay and the Kei River.

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