Thursday, 3 March 2016


        SS DONGALA                                      SS WARATAH

Built:           1905                                                    1908
Builders:      Barclay, Curle, & Co                          same
Gross tons:   8038                                                   9339.07
Net tons:       4723                                                  6003.96
Length:         470 ft.                                                465 ft.
Beam:           56.25 ft.                                             59.45 ft.
Draught:       27.75 ft.                                             30.375 ft.
Engines:       twin quadruple                                   same
Power:          8000 ihp                                             5400 ihp
Speed:          15.5 knots                                           13.5 knots
Owners:        P & O                                                Blue Anchor Line
Passengers:   150 first class / 100 second class      108 / 324
Fate:              sold for scrap 1926                           foundered, 1909

Cost:             160, 167  Pounds                               139, 900 Pounds

This is an interesting comparison. The two vessels had very similar specifications, built by the same builders in the same depressed shipbuilding period. The Waratah did, however, have a significantly greater gross tonnage = very heavy steamer. Again the comparative power outputs illustrate Waratah under powered engines. Interesting to note that the Dongala had a significant draught (compared with similarly sized steamers of the era) of just over 27 ft. which, in my opinion, again demonstrates that Waratah's 30.375 ft. draught was excessive. 

The Dongala did not have GM stability issues!

again superstructure decks spanning more than 0.6 x LBP, amidships = better structural integrity and stability.

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