Monday, 28 March 2016


The Sydney Morning Herald, Friday 13 January, 1911.

Mr. Scott, counsel for William Lund and
Sons, stated that when the firm sold its
ships to the Peninsular and Oriental Steam
Navigation Company, some documents
were handed over, and some were probably
destroyed. The resulting confusion enhance
the difficulty of tracing documents.

How very convenient. 

It is more than surprising that the Lunds got away with this in view of the fact that the Waratah was lost
a number of months prior to the Blue Anchor Line being sold to P&O. Only fools would imagine that
anything relating to the Waratah would NOT be required at the inevitable Inquiry. The Lunds were
certainly not fools. It is odd that Mr. Scott was not challenged on this matter. My overall impression of
the Lunds was that they did everything within their power to ensure that the Inquiry turned out a

What revelations those documents held came out loud and clear between the lines at the Inquiry...

Perhaps a fortune teller had all the answers?

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