Monday, 11 April 2016


The Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate, Saturday 8 January, 1910.

As to the cargo on board when the
vessel took her departure from Durban, 
a list supplied to Lloyd's "Shipping Gazette" 
by Messrs. W. Lund and Sons, showed that 
there were 410 tons, mostly wheat timber, 
and produce, for Cape Town, and
5,718 tons, consisting of wool, hides, 
grain, meat,metals, ore, and sundries, 
for London. The total amount of cargo was 
thus 6.128 tons, in addition to 2,000 tons of bunker
coal and 300 tons of coal in emergency

Total: 8428 tons + 1300 tons lead concentrates = 9728 tons.

7428 tons, excluding coal.

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