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The Register (Adelaide) Saturday 17 December, 1910.

The vessel was valued for
insurance at £150,000, and insured for
£135,000, with an additional policy on
disbursements of £15,000 in the event of total
loss. It was untrue that Capt. Ilbery
(master of the Waratah) told the captain
of the R.M.S. Mongolia that this would
be his last voyage unless the Waratah was
materially altered.

It was refuted that Captain Ilbery even knew the captain of the RMS Mongolia. 

Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 25 March, 1909.
The P and O Company's RMS Mongolia, from
London, via ports, should arrive this morning. She
will berth at Circular Quay.

The Argus (Melbourne) Wednesday 25 November, 1908.


The P. and O. Company's RMS Mongolia, arrived from London at
half past 5 a m.

Even though the two above quoted schedules for the RMS Mongolia did not coincide with those for Waratah, it is a stretch of the imagination that at some point both captains who serviced the same route did not 'bump' into each other. It was quoted that Captain Ilbery had a very wide circle of maritime acquaintances. I would be inclined to bet that the captain of the Mongolia was one of them.

The Waratah, like the Indarra, should have been materially altered - either removing the upper most boat deck or reducing the height of the promenade deck and reducing the size of the funnel in order to reduce draught, reduce top heaviness and most importantly, reduce overall dead weight. 

I can quite believe that Captain Ilbery made this claim !  

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