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Niel Walter Black
Born June 13, 1864 in Glenormiston, Terang, Victoria, Australiamap

Died July 27, 1909 in At sea, onboard the WARATAH, off Africa

WILL OF NIEL WALTER BLACK: Neil W Black, Landed Propr, Terang, d. 27 Jul 1909, File: 117/909 VPRS 28/P3, unit 171; VPRS 7591/P2, unit 454t:
(1910). MR. NEIL BLACK'S WILL. There was filed at the Probate office on Saturday the will of Neil Walter Black, late of Noorat; Testator, who was supposed to have died on 27th July, 1909, was one of the passengers on the ill-fated Waratah: The will is dated 8th May, 1909, and by it testator leaves real estate valued at £190,162, and personal estate valued at £41,805. There is bequeathed to the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, £750; to the Theological Hall fund of the same church; £5000; to the Home Mission fund of the church, £1000; to the Foreign Mission fund, £1000; to the Melbourne Hospital, £1000; and to the Melbourne University, to be applied in such manner as the science faculty shall direct, £2000. Testator gives to his cousin; Annie Marion Leadbeater, £6000, and to her sister, Margaret Jane Leadbeater, £1000. To each child of his cousin, Archibald Syme Black, of the Isle of Bute, Scotland, £500 is left, and a like sum is given to each child of his cousin, Peter Laurie Black, of [Taranaki,] New Zealand. The sum of £1000 each is bequeathed to his cousins, Jessie Hutton and Maud Hutton; and his housekeeper, Margaret Campbell, receives £l per week for life, in recognition of her faithful services to testator's mother. The residue of the estate is to be equally divided between his brothers, Archibald John Black and Stewart Gladstone Black, who are appointed his executors and trustees.

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